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KYLE M. POPE (1963- ) Is a preacher of the gospel of Jesus Christ with a background and interest in art, ancient languages, and archaeology. He has preached the gospel since 1987 for churches in Missouri, Arkansas, Alabama, Kansas, and Texas. He currently serves as an elder for the Olsen Park church of Christ, in Amarillo, Texas where he also preaches and conducts a two-year preacher training program. He and his wife Toni have been married since 1982 and have been blessed with three children, Torhi, Caleb, and Nathan, who are all faithful Christians. Kyle earned his B. A. from the University of Alabama (1997) in Humanities and M. A. from the University of Kansas (2000) in Greek and Latin. He taught Greek, Latin, and Classical mythology while at the University of Kansas. He has formally studied Greek, Hebrew, Latin, German, and Coptic, and has informally studied other ancient languages. Kyle has published a number of books and written articles for a variety of journals and religious magazines.

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By Kyle Pope

A verse by verse commentary on the Gospel of Matthew, part of the Truth Commentaries series published by the Guardian of Truth Foundation.

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