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The outlines and Power Point files listed below are free to download and use in teaching and preaching.


  "Greet One Another with a Holy Kiss"(Outline | PPT)

The Bible

  Attitudes Towards God's Word(Outline | PPT)
  How to Choose a Bible Translation(Outline | PPT)

Character Studies

  Josiah: There Was No King Like Him(Outline | PPT)

The Church

  Benevolence and Evangelism: Two Biblical Patterns(Outline | PPT)
  The Concept of the "Church" in the New Testament(Outline | PPT)
  Conflict in the Church(Outline | PPT)
  The Qualifications and Work of Elders(Outline | PPT)
  Some Questions About the Church of Christ Answered(Outline | PPT)

The Gospel

  The Stakes of the Gospel(Outline | PPT)


  "Who Is the Son of Man?"(Outline | PPT)
  Words From the Cross(Outline | PPT)

Old Testament

  "Nothing Restrains the Lord from Saving by the Many or by the Few"(Outline | PPT)
  Three Psalms of Comfort(Outline | PPT)


  Perverting Prayer(Outline | PPT)


  Why Attend Every Church Service?(Outline | PPT)

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